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A tantric journey is more than a massage. I will be using my tantric coaching and massage skills to facilitate your journey. Each session is individual to the person.

We will discuss in advance all the contents. They are an invitation to connecting to yourself: starting by finding a place of stillness, relaxation and opening up your energy channels.

Using breath, touch and sensuality to bring you into your body. Exploring creatively your sexual energy and orgasm. Applying conscious edging with the intention of making you more present and engaging with your total being.

How does a journey with me work?

If you decide you want to experience a tantric journey with me you can drop me a message to  

Sessions are in central Manchester UK, usually offered on a Sunday afternoon but it could vary.

The journeys:

They are 2 hours (£150) – 50% bank transfer ahead of the session.

Previous to the journeys we would have had at least one conversation to establish the details of our ritual. 

On your arrival, you will be welcomed with a tea ceremony offering you rose or jasmine tea. The invitation will be to leave the day behind, embrace a space of sensual being, non judgement, open to pleasure and playfulness. We will use some grounding meditation practices and breathwork. We will talk about the session and focus your intention.

Next you will be invited to an eye gazing ritual: the eyes are told to be the portal to the soul. Connecting through the eyes we are building an intimate connection together.

It will be followed by an undressing ritual in which I will take your clothes off, slowly and mindfully, connecting to your being and celebrating the divinity in you. You will also be invited to undress me. We will be using breathwork and sound allowing for energy to build up and express through our bodies. 

It will be followed by a meditative, sensual and bonding practice using touch and tantric massage to explore a growing sense of intimacy. I use custom-made aromatherapy oils. We are here to celebrate the bonding of your sexual and spiritual energies. The intention, intensity and nature of the touch we will have discussed prior to your visit. We will invite playfulness and fully consensual touch.

Each tantric journey will have a different focus: it may be arousing your yang energy (cock massage) or your yin energy (anal / prostate massage) or a combination of both. This will be merged with full body sensual touch inviting for your sexual energy to travel away from the genitals and moving throughough the whole of your body. Spreading sexual energy beyond your cock and your ass opens the possibility of more intense and embody full body orgasms. 

In tantra ejaculation is not the end. We are inviting the possibility of multi-orgasms. If ejaculation happens that is not a problem either.  I am your guide but you are always in control of how you would like to proceed. 

Also it could be that we work with another intention that we set up previous to our session: there may be a need for sexual healing, exploring a fetish, role play … and I am here to listen to your desires. I will never judge you and will always work in a consensual way to make sure that both of us remain safe, happy and playful. 

Tantric sex has a spiritual dimension: it is beyond ‘getting off’. My role is to open to you to the possibilities of a more fulfilling and ‘sacred’ sexuality, in which ALL OF YOUR BEING IS BEING TOUCHED.



(The Hindus describe Tantra as achieving personal growth through pleasurable existence. If you are curious about the potential for the deeper intimacy that tantra can offer you, we can start here)


(would you like to work with a sexual issue that is stopping you to fulfil your sexual life?. Erectile disfunction and premature ejaculation are often living in our sexual life. In tantra we are working with how to make you more present in your sex to find a way of healing)


(Tantric fantasies can hold huge healing powers. I could be your tantric lover and offer you a tantric healing experience. This could include a fetish, a role play, or to offer you a sensuality request of touch, taste, or smell…. I am here to listen to your fantasy, the emphasis is in finding the healing and figure out how could I support you in it)


(We will work with sexual stimulation to awaken kundalini energy. We use breathwork, meditation, chakra work and cock massage to open up the inner flute and have a more expanded multiorgasmic experience)


(exploring the masculine and feminine energies in you and their fusion: a total of 3 separate sessions)


I operate under the code of ethics of T4GM so please check

In a nutshell during the session my objective is to honour the layout of of our plan, to support you and to guide you. My commitment is your safety and that you feel comfortable with the practices.

Nothing in our journey will involve exchange of fluids: that means mouth on mouth, cock in ass, cock in mouth. If your session involves internal anal work, that will be done with a glove to create a protective barrier.

Touch will be always consensual and we will keep checking on each other that consent is granted as we progress through the ritual.

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