Hello my name is Pep Tantra, in this blog I have collected some of the ideas, thoughts and adventures that have happened to me since exploring Tantra.

What I write comes from my experience. I have tried to be as honest and authentic as I can. I have discovered that showing your vulnerability and be true to yourself and to others is the only way to move forward. I try to do this with integrity and commitment.

I am very amazed of what tantra has done to me. I am passionate about supporting other men through the process.

If you read anything here that resonates with you or with your experience please share it.

Grateful for your read. Big love and thank you.

Finding our (tantra) tribe

When I was a kid I had very few male friends. I used to find other boys intimidating. Most boys would play football and I was not into it. In fact the male environment used to really scare me.  The physical education class in primary school was the biggest theatre for all my neurosis as…

Finding liberation in our sexual fantasies

I often fantasise about builders. There is something about the testosterone in a building site that drives me wild. I love seeing the guys in their dirty clothes, with that unapologetic  ‘macho’ attitude. One of the things that I find super sexy is when is hot and they are wearing the high vis and they…


I have just been back from what used to be my favourite sex club. The Vault is a club in Central London. It is well attended by all sort of men. On a Monday evening is nude night. You arrive there and you put your clothes in a plastic crate. After that you move around…

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  1. Hello!

    Saw your post on the t4gm app. You mentioned subscribing to your blog, but I’m not seeing a link for that here. Please add me to your email list 🙂


    1. Hi Russell, your email address does not appear on this comment. You can add yourself up on my blog page. Please let me know if you have any trouble. Thx you xxxx


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