Hello my name is Pep Tantra, in this blog I have collected some of the ideas, thoughts and adventures that have happened to me since exploring Tantra.

What I write comes from my experience. I have tried to be as honest and authentic as I can. I have discovered that showing your vulnerability and be true to yourself and to others is the only way to move forward. I try to do this with integrity and commitment.

I am very amazed of what tantra has done to me. I am passionate about supporting other men through the process.

If you read anything here that resonates with you or with your experience please share it.

Grateful for your read. Big love and thank you.


I have just come back from a 9 days tantra retreat in Glastonbury (UK). I was with my mentors from T4GM Jason and Ingo and fifteen other amazing men who have answered to a call of becoming tantra teachers. I could not have imagined that my journey with Tantra would become a journey into healing. […]


In my mid 20s I developed premature ejaculation. It was pretty traumatic and still to this day I can sometimes have worries of it coming back.  When I think about what was happening at the time it all makes sense. I had an intense experience coming out to my parents. The man I thought I […]


I want to share with you something that happenned to me today. I was in the sauna in the gym. It is situated in the male changing room. It has a glass door that looks into the showers area. The straight guys are easy to spot: normally they get in the sauna with swimwear. The […]

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  1. Hello!

    Saw your post on the t4gm app. You mentioned subscribing to your blog, but I’m not seeing a link for that here. Please add me to your email list 🙂


    1. Hi Russell, your email address does not appear on this comment. You can add yourself up on my blog page. Please let me know if you have any trouble. Thx you xxxx


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